Friday, March 22, 2013

Sewing room additions...

Yep, you heard me!  I have added more storage to my sewing room since I seem to be exploding at the seams!
I have to love Pinterest because they show me all these awesome ways to improve my organizational or lack of organizational skills.  So here is this past week-ends projects.
Please enter my sewing room here!
My hubby made me this 4 ft x 4 ft cutting table.  It is great and Jessi and I can work on both sides.
This table is solid and cost under $100 to construct.  All you need is this white particle board, wheels and two bookshelves.  The bookshelves were $15 at Walmart.  And yes I said wheels!  I can move it anywhere in the room.

Here the table is pushed in front of one half of the closet.  Right now that side of the closet, since I haven't taken the whole closet over, has DVDs and books.  We only get in that side when we have a movie night.
You would think this big table would intimidate the dogs....nope!
I was going to add more storage between the bookcases, but Kiska and Mia love to be there.  And what's great about that is that they now we don't roll over their tails when we move our chairs.  So I'm thinking either adding a shelf or a rolling bin on the other side.  Silly dogs, don't they know that was for storage!
So with storage on my mind, wouldn't it be great to have storage under your ironing board??
That is what we did.  Another bookcase and wheels, this is much sturdier than those metal legs.
So we stacked cubes and moved the ironing station to one wall.  Wow! it looks so nice and clean it's a shame I'm going in there today to make a mess!!
You may be asking why so much more storage...
This new addition to the room.  This is a Babylock Embellisher a needle felting machine.
I have been having so much fun with this baby, but it loves wool, felt, yarn, roving, silk and more.
The added storage is for all the goodies I will be adding to upcoming mixed media fiber quilts.
I believe I'm evolving into a mixed media fiber artist, rather than saying an art quilter.  When I say I make art quilts, everyone tells me about their grandmother's quilts.  Then I have to explain my quilts aren't your grandmother's quilts.
So welcome to my sewing room, hope you enjoyed!
Now go sew something...


  1. Fabulous, Judy! Love what you've done...your DH is a gem, by the way!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a great table - it's the first thing on my list for when I get a bigger work space. I see you've been doing a needle felting homework - good for you ;) Love your workspace!

  4. What a lovely (and so neat!) sewing studio! Do your wheels lock? I would have a difficult time if my ironing board and cutting table moved easily when I didn't want them to.



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