Thursday, April 18, 2013

First attempt at a landscape

Here is my first attempt at making a landscape quilt.
Overall, I think it looks nice, but a BIG stretch for me.
Well here goes...every time I go into a quilt store and say I do art quilts they assume I do landscapes.
I have never done them because they are working with colors I don't, brown, blue.
Plus landscapes are ok...not exciting for me.
Maybe it is because I'm not a nature girl.  I don't like hiking, camping, woods and BUGS!
Landscapes make me think of those things.  Funny thing I grew up in Alaska where landscapes are incredible.
So for me to make this landscape interesting for me was to play with curves.
This is my favorite techniques right now and everyone (quilt shops) are wanting me to teach it.
The question of the day do I teach this landscape as a class or my freeform quilt(below)?
Would love some input!
Happy Stitching, Judy

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