Saturday, April 6, 2013

I add a new tool to my fabric obsession...a Gelli mat.
What is a Gelli mat?  It's a printing plate made of a soft acrylic like substance.  It feels really cool to touch, almost like really hard Jello.  I decided to get it for many reasons, mainly because I have seen some really great ideas to create your own fabrics.  It is endless and what you can do with a little paint, stamps and stencils.
Each time I play with my Gelli mat and call it the Gelli adventures.  So today's adventure was just winging it.  So I can say it was a success but I really think I'm going to have a lot of fun with it.
I started with a yucky batik that was buried in the bottom of my stash and some black fabric paint.  I'm sure I had a plan with this fabric, but overall it was blah.  So perfect to play with.

My first thought was to make a black silhouette, was thinking a big tree.  But I tried these twigs.  This was a design that I cut from my Cricut with card stock.
Not quite what I was looking for but I got the concept.

Then my daughter covered the whole plate with the black paint and made random marks with a Q-tip.  I like where she was going and could see this working into a collage.

Next I decided to lay turquoise and lime paint on the surface, smooched the fabric and got a blue/green was ok.  Then I loaded up the plate with black and added a stencil over the black.  I laid the blue/green over it and got this printed fabric. 
Now I can see it going somewhere! 
Light bulb went off...
Next week I will continue with this Gelli Adventure.
Stay tuned to my new Etsy shop look, new items and more to come.

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