Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday madness

It is a happy Monday and a very busy one too.
I wanted to share my favorite  I bet you didn't know that.
But lately I have been drawn to purple and orange.  they have even showed up in my spring clothing too.
So this week-end I was goofing off on my new clean sewing room...hahaha, not so clean now, and this is the little happy quilt I made.

It's a little rough around the edges.  I would call it my prototype.
However, I have been determined to figure out a way to incorporate quilting, beading and free-form crochet in a little work of art.  I have the mini quilt mounted on watercolor paper that is mounted to foam core.  I read on a blog that this is called the museum mount.
Thought it would look really cute in a shadow box frame...see below.

I'm proud of my little creation, that it got me to making lots more.
To see more you will have to go checkout my Etsy shop in the up-coming week.
Happy Monday!



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