Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Purrrfect Tuesday

I'm not sure you know what is happening here in Reno...we are in a heat wave 105 degrees for the past two days and tomorrow is going to be over the 100+ mark too.
Since I'm staying inside I thought I would push myself to be creative and share it too.  I'm always working on something, but I forget to blog and share.
So (sigh) I came up with the great idea of posting something creative everyday for the month of July.
I know I biting off something big, but I really need this for myself too.
Not to mention to get people to look at my blog again.  So not everyday will be a completed project, it might just be what I started or finished.  It also could be random photos, books to share, recipes or a new product/tool.
Today I made some kitty eye glass holders.

Now the good thing about this project, I discovered I'm now out of cheetah fabric and need to find more.
Happy creative Tuesday!

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