Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hump Day Wednesday

Today was a hard one for me, I wasn't feeling too creative.
I started off in the sewing room and ended up sitting down and beading.  There are a few unfinished projects waiting for me to finish the beading.  So I am very happy to say I got this lovely broach finished.
This is a very large button covered with batik fabric, batting and beads.  It is from a class that I took at the Reno quilt show two weeks ago.

I have to tell you about the class I took with Ruthanne Hoffman from Hoffman Originals.
When I walked into the class I knew I recognized the instructors name, but couldn't figure why.  Several times during the class Ruth and I kept trying to figure out how we knew each other.  She recognized my face.  For three hours we worked on our pins learning lots of beading techniques.  I was in heaven.  I have been wanting to take a class on beading on fabric, even though I have several good books on it.

By the end of the class and all the students were gone, Ruth and I brainstormed of where we could have met. 
Now Wait, you are not going to believe this...
We know each other from Pinterest!!

Talk about a small world and we live only 2 hours away.  I am so glad to meet Ruth and learn how to make this beautiful pin.  Can't wait to start my next one.
If you want to get a kit for your own pin or want some wonderful beads, fibers and more, go to Hoffman Originals and say Hello to Ruth for me.
Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Hello Judy ... I've had the same response from folks I've relayed our moment of epiphany. WOW, Small World! Still can't quite wrap my head around the serendipity of starting to circle each other's common interests on a massive site only several weeks before we meet. I love your new fabric beady pin as it definitely has you beaded all over it. Thanks for the thumb's up and may you enjoy your broadening addiction ...... Ruthmarie



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