Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 4 of Pinterest challenge - yo-yo's

Why am I doing a challenge?  I have way too many Pinterest pins.  Why not try them out instead of this digital hoarding.

These first couple of days I have been tackling the super easy ones.  But as the month goes on I will venture into harder ones.  I just have to get my game face on!

So these are both lapel pins that I taught last week at the quilt guild.  I'm always looking for short and simple projects that the quilters can get done in less then 2 hours.

It is actually from a Indygo Junction pattern...see pin link here.

Download Yo-Yo Blooms Sewing Pattern | Indygo Junction Inc |
As you can see you can do many things with the is another sample.

But think of the possibilities...I can see these as Christmas ornaments on the tree too.  maybe next month when I start the 12 days of Ornaments.

See you tomorrow... thinking of trying something that I have been wanting to do but too scared.


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