Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Well it's a Happy Hump Day!

Lots has been happening around the Applegarth house here.  I got this crazy idea of moving my sewing room, which meant moving hubby out of the office and then I got the great idea of moving the guest room downstairs. That will have to be another blog post by itself!  Let's just say the house has exploded...mess.

 But on the good note I have squeezed in a little felting around the mess, or should I say out in the kitchen!  Who needs food when I can felt?  I have a few felty projects and products for the shop!

So today I thought I would share a sunny sunflower today.  Sunflowers are a happy flower.

Actually I made two!

My girlfriend who I met in Alaska saw the first one on my Facebook page and called dibs.  I told her to wait to see the other one before making the decision.  Well these lovely flowers did not make it to my Esty shop.  They are SOLD and are going to make the way to Virgina. 

These pieces were an experiment for me.  I wanted to see if I could do both needle felting and wet felting.  They turned out nice but I think I like to stick to wet (Nuno) felting.  Although I love being able to free motion quilt and add hand embroidery to them.  The stitching really brings it alive.

I hope Terri enjoys the happy sunflower as much as I do.

Have a Happy Hump Day!


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