Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Today is a clean & purge day

I have a friend coming over to help me purge and organize my workspace.  Along with getting stuff ready for a major Craft Sale.

Sunday the 23rd I am having a sale of crafting supplies, old inventory from the shop, art quilts and more!  So if you have seen something on this blog that you love, let me know it might be in that sale.
I have had a few people ask me why I'm having this sale....hmmm...I'm in a new crafting/office room, and made some decisions that I'm never going to use some of my stuff. 

Although the two reasons above are true,  the reality is I want to further my education as a fiber and felt artist.  I'm trying to raise funds for my business so that I can take a few more classes in Portland and MN, along with purchasing supplies such as wool, silk and dyes.  My goal is to raise about $1500 from my crafter's sale, my Etsy sales, special orders and teaching a few classes.  Right now I'm at $105, only $1395 to go!

So what a better way to share my supplies with you, Facebook friends and local Reno pals.

Here are a few wall quilts and such that is for sale.

$30 obo

$30 obo

 $25 obo

$25 obo
Message me if you think you are interested in these quilts.

ALSO, I have reduced the prices on my Etsy shop, go check it out.

Have a happy organizing day!


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  1. Judy, what sizes are the cherry quilt and the floral wall art?



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