Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 22 & 23 - Catch up post

Day 22 & 23 of 200....I have had very busy days and I'm trying to catch up.  So for my catch up post I created several pendants.  They are very addictive.  BUT I NEED COLOR SUGGESTIONS!!!

Love how the purple one came out.  The were made with wool and yarn scraps sandwiched between water soluble interfacing.  Once I had them trapped I stitched like crazy and then wet.  It made this beautiful lacy fabric which was laid onto purple wool and needle felted.  Lots of work but so much fun.

And these were made with coral wool as the base with chiffon and lace needle felted.  The colors just jumped out at me.

But I need to keep this post short as I need to work on day 24 (today) and get these photo'd and added to my Etsy shop.  

I would love to hear what other colors to make these in.

Happy stitching ~ Judy

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