Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 25 & 26th - week-end recap!

Doesn't this look yummy?  Chocolate and candied bacon cupcakes for a wonderful father for my daughter Jessi.  I hope were able to celebrate and/or connect with your father figure (hubby, dad, step parent, grandfather, son).

And onto the challenge...

Day 25 & 26 of 200 paintings challenge, I have to say I am doing really good only have missed one day so far.  Sorry day 24 is not going to be made up.  Anyhow, yesterday I got to take a wonderful watercolor class.  Learned alot but might be addicted.  Could be a good thing since the water colored cards I added to my shop have are selling FAST!

So the class was a beginner class that focused on trees and washes.  We were only to use three colors, red, blue and yellow.  Here is what turned out.


Free form mystical tree...

I love how vibrant these turned out and they look really nice when a matt is added, just didn't have one around to take the photo.  Maybe later when I get them framed I will re-photo them.

Happy Father's Day, ya'll! ~ Judy

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