Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#41 - Watercolor abstract on Yupo paper

#41 of 200 ...exploring what you can do with watercolor on yupo paper.  When I think of watercolor I think of landscapes, flowers, birds and so forth but I never have thought of abstracts until today.  You have to love YouTube!  I watched a few and many of them were doing techniques that I always thought of with collage or art journals.

Yupo paper is so forgiving, if you don't like something you can re-wet it and wipe it away.  So lay a stencil over the top and apply a wet napkin leaves the reverse of the stencil.

Think of all the possibilities!

 I know a crappy photo of it in the frame but I can't decide which direction I like it...horizontal or vertical?  Which do you like?

Go be creative! See you tomorrow. ` Judy

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