Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#46 & 47...just plugging along

#46 & 47 of 200...This week I'm trying to catch up for the missing days and complete those unfinished projects sitting on my desk I have to admit the heat here in Reno is getting to me, which is effecting creativity.  Some days I just want to sleep and other days I'm stir crazy from being inside in the air conditioning.  I so miss my morning walks

I hope you don't mind if this week is all watercolor or mixed media canvas projects.  Felting requires alot of physical activity and that doesn't sound fun right now.

Both of these cards were done on Yupo paper, watercolor paints and Higgins Black Magic waterproof ink.  This ink reacts nicely with the watercolors.

Both of these cards are on my Etsy shop, see like on sidebar!  What a great little gift to send to someone, a handmade original water colored card that they can frame.

Have a happy Tuesday! ~ Judy

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