Friday, July 25, 2014

#52 - Watercolor Purple Petunia

#52 of 200...I thought I would share a petunia that I drew.  A little abstract, but I like the composition.  But wow!  I really like saturated colors.  Some people like the translucent colors of watercolor, but today I used some new paint that was from the instructor from the last class I took.

I placed the painting in this frame but the opening is 4.75" rather than 5".  I am not sure i like how much it cut off.  maybe this means a quick trip to Micheal's tonight.

I have to say I used a pen to draw this, but since I used such a saturated color you can not see much of my pen lines.  I may have to try this again and in orange!

Happy Friday! ~ Judy

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