Saturday, July 26, 2014

#53 pen and ink with orange!

#53 of 200...Some night I sit there a doodle while watching TV and here is a little doodle.  Actually I bought these little 4x4 watercolor tiles by Strathmore.  I think they are really cool to play with.  Thought it would be a great way to do a doodle everyday.

The had part about the 4x4 size is finding a picture frame to put them in.  I found this frame at Micheals in the clearance bin, so I bought the last two that they had in Reno.  But I really like how this looks on my accent wall in the kitchen, plus testing out a color change for the kitchen too.
I want to keep the orange wall but I want to paint the blue walls light grey and the cabinets a darker grey.  So this little painting is a color study.

 Here are my kitchen inspirations
A symphony of soft gray tones in Susan Greenleaf's kitchen.grey/orange kitchen

I like the Grey cabinets but I have the brown/beige granite counter tops and a orange wall in the sitting area.

So what do you think of the color study?


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