Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 35 - Some mini Watercolor trees

Day 35 of 200....I'm back!  Today I was watercolor painting a whole bunch of trees. There were actually three of these motifs, but I could only find two frames.  So I guess the third can become a card.

Here is an up close photo so you can see them a little better.

The background on these pieces were done with a wash of three colors, Red, Blue, and Yellow.  While the paper was still wet I placed wrinkled plastic wrap over them to make a marbled background.  It is a fun technique, worth trying once or twice.

It is July 1st and we hit 102 degrees today and tomorrow is supposed to be 99 degrees.  Watercoloring is a great inside activity. I think tomorrow I will explore a little pen and ink art.

See you tomorrow ~ Judy

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