Monday, September 29, 2014

#64 & 65 - I stepped outside of my comfort zone

This past week-end I stepped outside of my comfort zone in many ways.  We will start with my comfort of being in social settings.  I am not anti-social, I just don't enjoy being around crowds.  mainly because I miss most of the conversation and people really do get annoyed when I ask them many times to repeat hat they said.  Most times I just smile and nod.  So back to this week-end...I attended a bbq for a friend's vow renewal and I attended a house concert.

Both were fun (uncomfortable), love my comfort zone of home.  I hope this doesn't sound like I never go out and do anything.  I just prefer one on one.  So how does this relate to my art????

I am going to share painting #64 & 65.  I will admit that these painting were sort of out of my comfort zone too.  Watercolor on Yupo paper is comfortable, sharing what I do is no so comfortable and when you are asked to paint something for someone's CD cover - really uncomfortable!


This is a painting is available as an original and/or print.  I painted it while I was listening to Ben Allfree's music.  It was I wonder if I can do this kinda of thing.  I had so much fun that I had to try it again with my signature color - orange!


Yes, #2 was chosen for the CD cover for Ben's first CD.  It is kinda cool to see this and for me to take a chance.  he had all the confidence in me and I have to thank him for that.

He has the original painting, but we have agreed to have the print available for a little while for his listeners (groupies) to purchase.  So if you would like to see the print or purchase you can go to HERE.

Overall I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.  The house concert was great and I would highly suggest you book Ben for a concert.  His info is here.

May the rest of your Monday be great! - Judy

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