Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#63 - I need your help/opinion...(Warning lots of photos!)

Happy Wednesday!  I am here with the #63 of 200 painting and I am not sure what to do with it.  So I am asking your opinion.  I took a watercolor collage class this past week-end and I am sharing one of those collages with you today.

But I'm not sure if the painting is done, missing something or just needs to be broken down into smaller works.  The teacher was trying to push me into doing larger pieces, but my comfort zone is minis, as you see on my Etsy shop.  So here goes....WARNING lots of photos.

I thought I would show you the piece if framed as is first (above) and below is how it looks on my kitchen floor.  It is curling a bit but that can be fixed with a little water.

First off, I pushed myself to work with big AND colors I don't normally gravitate to.

So here is where you come into this, I am going to show a bunch of photos to see what it would look like if I cut the large piece into smaller pieces.  Be prepared to be overwhelmed.

It could be cut in half and make these two 11x14's.

Or a 11x14 and an 8x10.

Or go wild and make some 5x5 squares, 4x6 rectangles and whatever little minis?

However this blue square does talk to me because you can see the cheesecloth really well. I did say it was a watercolor collage, and to me collage means anything can be added, like fibers!

I hope to hear some response on what you think.  After writing this post, I think I am leaning towards cutting it up.  And what do you think of this color?


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  1. I like the big one!! Lots of texture and color to catch the eye- I could spend a long time pondering as I took everything in. Most of the smaller ones are missing the same flow the whole piece has in my opinion- though I do really like the cheesecloth one, too. Maybe you could make some different mini's in the cheesecloth style?



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