Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Collage work for a change

The past two weeks I wanted to explore collage.  Something I have wanted to learn, but could never exactly fully grasp.  It looks easy, but I found not really.  Or maybe they just never turned out the way my brain wanted them to turn out.  I also found that my logical side of my brain wanted rules and step by step instructions.  Last summer I took a class on collage and it too fell flat on instructions.  I watched a few online videos, but being hearing impaired that is a challenge in its self.  Note to those who do videos give a list of supplies or word prompts!!  I think the only thing I learned that you should use a matte medium under and over the papers that you add to your base.

But what is cheep drawing paper?  This was mentioned many times in video but is this just copy paper.  Frustrating at times.

So will share the two pieces that I was happy with.  Here is a set of three 5"x5" mixed media collage that are available on my Etsy shop.

The canvases were painted and then I added mono printed papers that I did on with my Gelliplate.  I used newsprint paper, which is a nice thickness but does have a grey tint.

Here is another collage that I finished

What I have learned from this weeks worth of collage studies...I need more Gelli printed papers in lots of colors.  I think next weeks projects is to just do mono prints in lots of colors, of course on all sorts of papers to figure out which ones work the best.  So next time I will share a bunch of painted papers.

Go get creative! - Judy

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