Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December is here - day 1 of 12 days of Christmas

The past December's I have share 12 days of Christmas, with Christmas crafts.  This past week-end I decided to bring it back.  I needed a little joy in my life since the past year has been hell.  So here is the definition of December.

Make amends, tie loose ends, finish what you started.  Last year I was hopeful to be furthering my art career by art journaling, getting published (which I did TWICE!), get in a gallery, teach classes and so forth all good goals and a did meet a few.  I am very proud how far I have come.  This year was filled many good things but the past few months I could not see them.  

As of now, I am starting to see the light, coming out of my tunnel and ready to be back.  First thing is to get me back to creating and blogging.  My goal is this 12 day of Christmas crafts.  I want to share pinterest pins (sucess & fails), ornaments, cards, wrapping ideas and may thing in between.  I am learning how to bake so there might be a few of those experiments in there too. 

So hold on to the reindeer reins and let's go!

First share is some ornaments that I have shared on Facebook, but I thought they would be a great place to start.

I have seen so many ways to paint holiday balls, but these are the flatten discs.  Many people pour inks or paints on the inside but being a lover of abstract art I wanted to have the textures on the outside.

The first one had to have orange on it since I just love the happy color.  I first painted this with acrylic paint and I was not 100% happy with it as it left paint brush strokes, then added red and gold Pebo paint which gives is a demision and texture. By the end I was in love with it.

Next try my second favorite color, teal.

 Same thing paint with acrylic on the outside, added Pebo paints and fluid acrylic BUT the best effect happened when I misted it with alcohol.  Cool feathering effects happened.  Very pretty and vibrant - Yeah!

Third try was purple.

This time I did pour a little purple alcohol ink inside, with acrylic, Pebo and alcohol mist.  Still great feathering effects.  Then I got stumped on what other colors I should do!

I would love ideas on other colors, except green.  Green never shows up on my tree.

So this is my day 1 and tomorrow I have a short tutorial to share.  Hope to see you here.


******If interested in the ornaments they are listed on my ETSY shop.*******

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