Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 5 & 6 combined

A very busy week-end but I have two projects that I finished, yeah!

Saturday I attend a workshop taught by Ruth Rae.  I knew it was going to be a challenge for me since my dr. has had me on 5mins at a time working on art projects.  This workshop was scheduled for 5 hrs!  Yikes.  The second challenge is Ruth's art style is more vintage than what I do.  Believe me if I could embraced the vintage style I would, but it has always been a struggle.  If you want to look at Ruth's artwork go here.

So being the brave soul, I signed up for the challenge.  The class was a mixed media, plaster and encaustic class creating a box.

The first part of the class was creating a box and plastering it.  Wow!  Talk about messy.  I struggled a bit with that part, who am I kidding I struggled most of the class!  Then way got to play with clay and create hearts.  I never thought I would like playing with clay...that was much easier for me, or less

After the plaster was dry, we painted, I added collage papers, poured wax and waited to see our creations.

When I came home and created a mini canvas for the center of my box and discovered the heart fit perfect.

I love the dimension and layers that you get in this project.

And it looks cute hanging on the wall.  I have to say I have gained confidence to do another!

I also made this heart, which is now an new ornament on my tree.  This heart was constructed out of cardboard, plaster over it, then painted, collaged and then bees was.  I love the texture.

So day 5 and 6, two projects, only one a Christmas ornament but love learning new techniques and sharing.  I hope you enjoyed this week-ends share too.


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