Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June already

I have neglected my blog.  Blogging can be hard at times especially when you are having a hard time seeing the bright side of things.  We have a potential move, preparing a house for sale, trying to get back to my healthy self, along with losing my little furry friend who had been be my side for 15yrs.

So I am needing a fresh chance, a new leaf or something to look forward to and I have found a small little bit a of happiness in a project I started a week or so ago.  My love for miniature art has always been there and some people don't get it but the past week or so I have been painting little paintings that are the size of a baseball card.  If you are familiar with ATCs (artist trading cards which you trade) or ACEOs (Art Card Originals and Editions, which are for sale), this is what I plan to do for the month of June.

Here is one in a mini frame....

Here is DAY 1 of 30

Most of these paintings are going to be watercolor with either pen and ink or colored pencils.  Why?  I have been packing up my art supplies and trying to keep this project as portable as possible. Need to keep my art studio tidy for when the house goes on the market, hoping soon.

Now I am not sure I will post everyday, that is too much pressure, but maybe weekly.  If you want to see them daily you should follow my Instagram , or Facebook.  Some may end up on my Etsy shop, but if you see something during this challenge of happiness please message me.

Here are a few, along with my daily art journal from Instagram.

I hope you enjoy this 30 day challenge! - Judy

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  1. Your card is gorgeous.such a sweet image, I love the soft colours and beautiful detailing.



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