Friday, March 4, 2016

Already March?

Some days I wish I had a  office assistant or some kind of assistant, maybe a life assistant.  Last month was so busy that I have neglected most of my social media, my house and I am sure more.  Life happens and you just keep riding the waves, some up and some down.

Last month I continued with my art journal project and can you believe I am up to 40 days straight?  It is pretty awesome.  I am so glad that I found this little mini Moleskine daily planner, it is small enough to fit in my purse and carry with me, but the best thing it is a size that I don't feel overwhelmed with exploring art journaling.  Here is a photo of mine. 

I couldn't help bust to collage on it.  A very good investment.  Each night I look forward to drawing in it and each day is very different.

Other things that happened in the month of Feb....I wrote a couple of articles for more artwork to be published in June.  That is quite exciting.  And in addition to that I found a shop to display my artwork in.

If you are in the Reno area, go by Too Soul Tea and view or purchase my new works.  I know I need to go by there with my good camera to take better pictures before a piece is sold.

I thought March might slow down, but this week I an overloaded with work, which is a good thing but thought I better stop in to my blog.

Much love, Judy

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  1. Congrads on the shop displaying your art. Beautiful work. I especially love the frames and presentation.



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