Friday, January 7, 2011

Can you guess what this is?

This morning I was walking around my yard taking some interesting pictures of the frost.  And this photo is weird, but I like it.  Submit you guess and win a FREE stamp set.
I thought this would be a fun to hear your responses and I will reveal what it is tomorrow with the winner's name.

Here are a few more photos from this morning.

I hope you go take some photos of your everyday life.
Happy shooting!


  1. wow these are just amazing.. I want my garden to freeze now.. hehe.. the first one is the solar lights.. the second is a plant greenery, the third is your vintage plate.. I saw that one on FB.. love these photo's Judy!!

  2. I have been studying this for a bit.. I think it is a yard light.
    what beautiful pictures Judy! I never think to take pictures. and if I do it would be with a ditital camera and then they never get printed off.. oh well...
    thanks for the how to's on making our own yard flowers... I have always thought they were very unique and beautiful.
    thanks for the fun pictures.
    hugs to you my friend..

  3. Wow, gorgeous pictures! Is that a a walkway light?

  4. Wow, who knew you could get frost like that!! I have no idea on any of them, but, they are pretty pics!! I sent you an email a while back, but, figure it went to the wrong address...hope you are doing good and your house is sold!!

  5. Hi, Judy! I think that's the top of a solar light for your yard. Very interesting perspective, no matter what it actually is :)



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