Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cookin and sewing!

Yep it's sewing time at the Applegarth house.  I got a little sewing job and so did Jessi.  So we will be showing some different sewing projects from time to time.
This was a fun purse/tote bag.  It has the feel and size of a tote bag, but the comfort of a purse.  If you would like me to make you this bag or any of the others, please email for more information.

But I have to admit when I sew I make wonderful dinners too.  Yep I can multi task if I have a sewing machine and a crock pot!  This week we are trying a new cookbook, so every night I'm testing recipes from Hungry Girl's 300 under 300 cook book.  Kinda fun, but I'm sorry Hungry Girl I won't eat funky stuff...I want it to be normal everyday stuff you have in your cabinets.

My first recipe that was a success was here Outside-in Turkey Tamale Pie.  Oh my gosh, was that yummy!  It gets two thumbs up with the family.  Day two was a Chicken Pot pie casserole using low fat crescent rolls.  Another thumbs up!  So tomorrow I will post how the Taco Meatloaf is, wish us luck.  Maybe we will drop a pound or two!

Sew happy sewin and good cooking.


  1. Cute bag - and the recipes sound delicious!

  2. Love your bag! I have been thinking about busting out the sewing machine and sewing a few things for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!



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