Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Wednesday

I am a little behind on my blog posts lately.  If I lived in my make believe world I would have the most wonderful blog posts, be super creative and take awesome pictures.  And by wonderful blog post I mean being able to share the gift of gab.  Nope. I tend to write short and simple posts.

So here goes with my post...enjoyed the long week-end.  Did you?
I got some sewing projects done, a little sun, a comedy show, good food and a few things around the house done.  So overall a successful week-end.

So on to the purse...this was a test purse.  I was testing it for teach ability.  Is this a purse I could teach a class room of sewers?  So who is the best person to test it on but my daughter!  Overall the purse is not difficult.  I would say it is a good beginner purse, except for the zipper.  Which is good news about the zipper it is totally optional.  The patter is the Baja Traveler Bag.

Well here is the TWINS!

Overall, I think Jes and I did pretty good at lining up seams and matching patterns with two directional pattern fabric.

So on to more successes!  If you like this purse or would like to order one please contact for further information.


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