Monday, November 19, 2012

Blog neglect...

I have neglected my blog for 2 months.  Lots of things have been going on and that I allowed life to take over me.  It has effected my card making, sewing and much more. I have been carrying a little black cloud with me and this last week I have been getting back to creating and feeling a little more artsy fartsy.
My goal is to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Just little projects that are bring some joy back into my life.
Today is a project that I want to share, mainly because I have a few of these to make for Christmas.  I think the holiday spirit has got me and I love doing creative stockings for my family.  When I say creative, this means the best part of Christmas morning is opening the stocking.  I cram it full of goodies, such as tools, gadgets, makeup, gift cards, teas, socks, batteries, and very little candy.  I try to select useful things that the person can use, so if they like to cook there will be cooking gadgets in there.  If they are artsy like me, buttons, glitter and more! I enjoy doing this and thought I would make them special this year.
This stocking is for a special friend.
This stocking was made in the quilt as you go fashion.  Made it super simple when you are using all sorts of size of scraps.  The best part I did it while watching TV with my hubby with my last year's Christmas gift...1952 Singer Featherweight.  I was so impressed at how well it quilted the stocking.
Well Happy Monday!  See you again on Wednesday.

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