Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The weather is getting cooler outside and I really love the feeling of wrapping a scarf around my neck.  Here is a scarf that I finished last night while I was watching The Voice.  It is amazing how fast I can crochet while watching TV.  Bonus is that is was a very simple design too.
Sorry today my model was not my shirt on a hanger had to do.
I used a a silk yard so this scarf feels incredible and warm.  the only downfall I feel is that the scarf is really heavy.  But like I said it was a simple pattern.  If you know how to crochet and do single crochet stitches you can do it too.  The center section is 6 stitched wide and the dangle chains off the side are approx 20 stitches.  I varied the length from time to time to give a little more variation.
I think I would do this scarf again, but in a lighter weight yarn.
So do you knit or crochet?  I'm reading a book that says to have a hobby even if you are an artist.  By having a hobby helping get the creative juices flowing.  Although I haven't convinced myself that I'm a quilt artist yet, I am inspiring to be one by exploring new techniques and styles. Who know many art quilter add fibers onto their quilts.  But in the meantime crochet is a peaceful hobby.
Have a hobby filled Thanksgiving.  Stay safe.

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