Saturday, December 1, 2012

1st day of ornaments...

I have a lofty goal of sharing 12 days of ornaments on my blog.  So here goes...
day 1.
Here is a very simple crochet ornament that I made, actually made several for my tree this year!
I made six in one night.

Decided that the green just doesn't show up on my tree, go figure I have teal, purple, pink and lime.  Having those colors put me on a mission to make my own ornaments this year.  Why go out to buy cheep plastic ornaments, when I can make them?  OK...I had to go shopping for supplies which probably cost more than buying a box of pre-made!
Here is a close up...
Like I said they are simple, the whole ornament was done with single crochet stitches and a center ring.
So are you making ornaments this year?  Do you want to try out some of mine?
I hope you join me in the next 12 days of ornaments.
Let's get crafty! - Judy


  1. moi je suis nulle au crochet, alors tu peux imaginer comme j'admire ces jolies créations, biz

  2. I just adore all of them sooo much! These are Fantabulous!



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