Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Quilt challenge...

Create an abstract art quilt from a photo inspiration.  I think the hardest thing was doing it in an abstract representation.  Here is my photo.  It is a bush that always grabs my attention when I'm driving down the road.  You only see it turn this fiery pinkish/red in October.  If you know the name of this bush, please let me know because I want it growing in my back yard!

So when I look at this photo I knew I was going to do a semi-monochromatic quilt with rich pinks, magentas and reds.  What a easy color choice for me!!

I really wanted to show you the creative free motion stitching I did over the whole quilt.  I wanted to convey the feel of leaves, so I quilted a wonky motif of leaves on top of leaves.

I hope to show you more of my art quilts as I venture down that path way.
This month the challenge is freeform curves.
Have a happy week-end.  I hope you go out there to create.  My mission for this week-end is freeform will be an adventure!

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