Sunday, January 27, 2013

I love scarves!

Yes I love scarves.  It seems to be a little problem in the winter because I never seem to have enough storage space for them.  They are hanging on the back of the bedroom door, door knobs, my vintage floor length mirror, and any spare chair!  So what do I do...make another!
This one I started about a week and a half ago...just crocheting at dr appointments and a quilt meeting.  It was great small project that you can take along with you.

Here it is laying on my photo table.  A very simple crocheted motif of flowers.
But the big question...which way should I wear it?
Wrapped around the neck?

Or long and skinny?
Today is a perfect day to wear this snowed.  I'm so ready for spring but then I will have to pack up my heavy warm scarves and make some light weight ones.
I'm still working on my free form crochet project.  Not ready to share yet.
Keep warm.

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