Thursday, February 7, 2013

Finally used my ice dyes!

A topic came up today about ice dye.  Another art quilter, Kathy Schmidt, did some ice dye and felt the same way as I did.  We were both not overly excited about the results, or the fabrics looked really hard to use or envision it into a quilt.
Here is the quilt that I created with one of my pieces of ice dye.
I combined red and yellow hoping for a orange.
Here is what the fabric looked like after dyeing.  Tie dye, right?
You can read the blog post and tutorial here.

I loved the vibrant colors that you get from ice dyeing, but this looked intimidating.
Here is a close up of my quilt.
I was inspired to make this quilt from and lately I have been reading Kathy's posts about beading and now all my art quilts need beads!

The flower looking thing are torn apart silk cocoons that were dyes by Heather Thomas, another art quilted to check out.
So be daring and try dyeing.  You never know what you will get!



  1. You used great colors in your snow dyeing! Much better result, even though you thought it was like tie dye. Useable fabric and great little quilt. Mine just all blurred together into ugliness, no vibrancy, just mud. I was hoping for the crytal effect that many others get. More experiments are in order! Thanks for linking to my blog and I'm excited to explore yours!

  2. superbes ces couleurs, une magnifique création, biz



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