Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Art Quilt Meeting - Curve Challenge

I'm part of a art quilt group here in Reno, NV.  I started in hope to get more people excited about non-traditional quilting projects. 
So my part this month was to create a 3-d art quilt.

As you can see the quilt is actually curved off the wall to make is semi 3-d.

But the main challenge was to use curved piecing in your project.  The previous month we all sat down and practiced a free form curved piecing.  It is always fun to see how other create, choose fabrics and sew.
So the main challenge was to do something with your curved could be anything, table runner, art quilt or more.  Here are the fabulous projects that everyone did.
Jeff did this lovely slash and stitch quilt
and this art doll, sneaking in the curved piecing.

Mary did this lovely table runner, which is reversible.

Jane did a curvy table runner and it was a wonderful piece for her to practice her free motion stitching.

Joanne decided that she would cut hers into place mats and enjoy them everyday!

Bruce took his piecing and made a pouch to carry supplies, great idea!

Jessi decided to take this opportunity to make some skinny minis from her piecing.
I think they all did a great job.  Can't wait to see what next month will bring...the theme is coffee/tea.  So I think we will see lots of tea pots, coffee cups or tea dying!  It is always exciting to see what others are doing.
We have a great group and always looking for new people to join in.


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