Saturday, February 23, 2013

Artist block!

I have to confess I'm having an artist block.  There are so many things I want to try and do that I wanted to make a blog confession.  I'm feeling paralyzed by it fear, is it perfectionism or what?
Maybe it is time to cut un-wanted things from my life.  I'm not really sure.
This is where it started...
See this photo above of all these journal/sketch books...I swear I must be hoarding them.  I found 4 this morning and I know of another one where I started drawing in an art journal.  I have always wanted to do an art journal but have never taken the next step.  I have taken classes, talked with people, and pin several on Pinterest.  But what keeps me from trying?
Maybe it's the feeling that I should be doing something else, or life commitments, family not understanding, being hyper sensitive to others comments.  Artist type people tend to take comments personally.  I'm not sure if vocalizing this will help me more on, but here is my try.
On top of doing an art journal, I thought I would list just a few of the things I would like to try.
1. Start an Art journal
2. Start a Fabric art journal
3. Make a Fabric artist trading card or Postcard
4. Do a Freeform crochet piece
5. Make a Felted wall hanging
6. Finish my tatting class
7. Play with surface design on fabric
8. Learn to bead on fabric
9. Blog more
10. Finish my un-finished projects!!
When I started this list I thought I could go on and on to maybe 100!  Then I started to be specific.  If I listed all the techniques I wanted to learn it would be much longer. 
But one thing I have noticed from my list that I didn't include my
CTMH business or my Etsy shop.  Those two items do use alot of my energy and time.
I'm not sure if this will get me any closer but now I have a mini list to check off and see how far I get.
Do you ever have the feeling of wanting to try new things?  Have you ever wanted to have an art buddy, who understands?  Usually I'm a great motivator for all my friends but this time I need that special person to help motivate me.
Happy Saturday

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  1. bonnes résolutions, j’espère que tu réaliseras tout tes projets, biz



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