Friday, July 5, 2013

Copic Friday

I get lots of questions about Copic markers and fabric.  Through out the next week I am going to test how Copics hold up on fabric.
Here is a fabric postcard that I did today.
I like to use my Copics as watercolors, soft subtle colors.  Some blog posts I have read is that you can't blend Copics on fabric.  I disagree.
However, you have to have a light hand to achieve blending.  I start with the lightest colors first.
In this case I only used two colors per section, such as, 2 green, 2 blues, and 2 yellows.

After you apply the first color, heat set and allow the fabric to cool before going to the next color.  Also another tip is not to color all the way up to the lines.  This image was an embroidery design stitched into muslin, a cheap muslin!  However, I did leave the paper interfacing on the back while coloring to absorb any extra ink.
Overall, I really like how the colored image came out.
Have a great Friday!  I didn't think about creating on week-ends...hmmm I hope I can and will have time to post.

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