Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer is over, back to work

 I have mixed emotions about summer being over.  Not that I did anything fun or special this summer, but would like if the season stayed a little longer.

Then you have days where a big baggy sweater, leggings and comfy couch sounds wonderful.

Well I think I should explain what happened during my absence.  I had these lofty idea of creating and posting everyday...that sort of happened except for the posting.  There are MANY unfinished projects that I did work on.  I have decided to work on finishing some of them up and share.

This is an art quilt that Sue at A Stitch of Country has wanted me to explore.

Here is the class sample.

Sue and I have decided to offer this as a class at her shop.


I must share all shading is done with Copic markers...so look closely to the trees and leaves.  I will show you a few tricks,

I would love to have you at the class, but if you are unable to attend please share if you have read this book and tried some of Gloria quilts.

Happy Tuesday, now back to sewing!


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