Monday, September 23, 2013

Blue Poppies

Well they are actually teal.

Today I wanted to share with you a box challenge that I made this week-end.

The idea came from Jane LaFazio's blog where she made a box from denim and painted pieces of fabrics.  I loved what she did so much that I had to try it.  Make sure you look at her tutorial.

It has been awhile since I painted or drew, so these poppies are a little improv, like my my background quilt blocks.  The background is all made of improv. log cabin blocks, painted and then quilted.

I stitched around each poppy to make them pop and wanted each side of this box to be different.  It was just an experiment to see what I could do.

I really enjoyed making this box and let loose with my paints.  I want to thank Jane for sharing it.

But what I really enjoyed was being able to create a little box to put next to my bed for my reading glasses, pens, scribble pad and more.

Thanks for looking,



  1. Your fiber box turned out so great!!!

  2. this is has inspired me to try one too!

  3. This turned out really good. I like it a lot!



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