Monday, September 9, 2013

Finishing another project


This week I had high hopes on finishing a project.
Well the project I wanted completed was this LARGE log cabin quilt.

It needs to have the binding done.  I really dislike binding quilts, but I am bound and determined to bind this one.

The above photo is the actual pattern, making log cabin strips with improvisational piecing.  It was fun to work my way thru my scrap boxes of fabric.

Once I got the color block done I decided to finish the quilt with quilt as you go method of quilting.  WOW!  I like the technique but next time I'm going to try it with a smaller quilt.

So to do quilt as you go, means I needed to do a block for the backing...and
this is what I came up and green.

Those two blocks were quilted and then the big project of adding each side piece and quilting that.
The nice thing about this project is...
I quilted it myself!!

Now the adventure of binding.

Since the project was not fully completed, I really wanted to share a completed project with you.

I made this colorful skirt.
It is a tad big, but I can easily fix that.  I really like how it turned out and I can see me making a few more of these with strips of other scrap fabric.

Some of you may be wondering why just a picture of the skirt and not a full shot of me, this summer I started walking and eating healthy.  I have lost 17 lbs, but I'm not ready to reveal myself yet.  I'm sure it will be coming soon.

Have a happy week!


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