Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Major blog neglect!

I have felt like this Joshua tree...left out in the desert with very little around, bare and not inspired.
It wasn't that I didn't see or do anything exciting, in fact I was kinda busy between the last post.
Let's see I had surgery, recovery time, went to Vegas, has our 12th Anniversary, had a house guest and I'm sure there were a few other things going on around our house.
I'm sure in that time I created a few pieces of art, but haven't shared them - yet! I know I have a stack of work that needs stitching of beads, just waiting for me to sit down. Plus I have a little motivator, I have been asked to have a showing at a local shop in Reno next month.  I'll share more details as we get closer.
 So last week I had enough...clean my studio and started creating just to create.  Not worrying if it is going to sell on Etsy, or a craft fair.  What's the point of creating art if you are always worrying if it is going to be sell able. 

Not to chat too much I want to share my next step.  Oh no, not another challenge!
An artist that I follow on Facebook put up a challenge to herself and anyone who wanted to join to do 200 painting in 200 days.  I may not be painting on a canvas or paper, but I might, my goal is to grow as a fiber artist.

I know that is a flipping BIG, HUGE challenge for me, but for me if I get 20, 50, 100 done that is so much better than sitting in the desert like that Joshua tree.

Go listen to this Ted talk video. It may change your mind and want to join in.  Or better yet you can cheer me on along the way out of the desert.



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  1. Glad you are working your way out of the desert- i am rooting for you and I know you can do it Judy!!! <3



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