Monday, September 15, 2014

#60 &61 - I'm sorta feeling like a REAL artist

I have been painting.  I just haven't been blogging or sharing it yet.  The art that I have been been doing is abstract and some people just don't get it or like it.  So take a deep breath.....whew!

Here is paintings number 60 and 61.  They are watercolor on Yupo paper.

This is how the paintings look raw and makes you say ok, but add some mat to them and it helps your eyes a bit.

That helps!  Abstract, there are rules to them.  You need to look for flow, texture, lines and a few other elements.  All I know the art teacher that I took the class with she was very happy with these and told me not to touch them.  That made me happy.

But the big test is how they look in a frame on the wall.

Now that make me feel like an artist, seeing your finished work on the wall and it being impressive.  Love how it looks in my master bedroom.  It makes the rest of the artwork look a little drab.  So you may see a few more teal and grey pieces in upcoming posts.

Have a happy Monday and embrace that inner artist waiting to get out!


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