Thursday, September 18, 2014

#62 - An Orange Abstract, should it be called a tulip?

I have been painting quite a bit lately, just haven't shared yet.  Plus there is some big news coming too.  In the meantime I really need to start photo more of my stuff.

Here is #62 of 200.  Do you think I will make it to 200?  Well not the way it was intended in 200 days, but I'm sure I'll make it to 100 and we will see.  This painting was done with pouring watercolor paints on Yupo paper.  Talk about releasing control!  It was invigorating, freeing and uplifting.  I will need to make a video of how this is done.

Anyways I am sharing the photo horizontal so I can look at it that way and here it is vertical.

I was drawn to the the vertical but this morning the horizontal is interesting too.  Love that it being an abstract it can go anyways it feels.

Sometime with an abstract you really need to see it with a mat around it to get the feeling of the piece.  Plus it is easier for your eyes too.  I can't wait to frame this one.

You do know I LOVE orange, right?  And does it look like a tulip?  It didn't when I was painting, nor when it was drying but seeing it in a photo I see what people were saying.  But as an abstract it can be anything you want it to be.

Have a wonderful Thursday, hope to share lots more tomorrow.


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