Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's been awhile, I missed you

Well that is what I would love to hear from my blog readers, "It's been awhile, I missed you."  But I know they busiest time of year has just past and people are trying to get back to normal.

For me that means, back to painting everyday.  I have lots of photos of the daily painting I have been doing AND a explanation of why I have been away.  To make this fun I will mix in the paintings along the way.

Our family has been under a lot of stress...if I was asked our stress level from 1-10, I would say 13!  This is why I started painting little mini canvases each day.  These little pieces may not be much to some, but they are the best medicine for me.

Here is day 1 for 2015

the challenge for day 1 was to work with pink.  Pink is not a color I use much.

Day 2 for 2015
what a bright little canvas.  Again not a color combo that I use much.  It even surprised my daughter that I did a primary color canvas.

Day 3 for 2015...

 Day 4 for 2015...

I love black and white, but wanted to throw in a POP of color.  I can see more of these in my future but what POP of color?

Day 5 for 2015...

ok, so I stayed at black and white for a bit.

Day 6 for 2015...
 I wanted to play with some texturing mediums, so this one has fiber paste to the canvas.  And of course I was excited to work with orange.

Day 7 for 2015...

 I am not sure how long I am going to do these daily exercises, but they are my little piece of JOY.  And I hope that you like them.  They are all available on my Etsy shop (side link of blog).  I usually shy away from blue and I don't know why.  I love this blue and lime, which was a happy accident.

Day 8 for 2015...

 Started to think about Valentines.  Not quite the traditional colors but who knows someone might think it is cool.

Day 9 for 2015...
Still not finished with the blue I guess.  But I have to say I love bright colors.

Day 10 for 2015...
Ok this one got me excited!  It has orange and is textured.  I can't wait until we move and I can play with more colors.  Yes, a move is possible within the next year.  No location chosen and it is all based on hubby's job promotion.

 Couldn't help myself!

Day 11 for 2015

Blue, purple...hmmm...I like it. I was thinking there is not enough purple on my shop and I should play with it.

Day 12 for 2015...

Two hearts...I wanted to know if I could embroider on a canvas.  I could and I love it.

See how looking at all these little painting make you feel better.  I needed it.  Back to the stress level of 13.  My Nov & Dec was filled with lots of Dr. appointments.  First my hubby broke two ribs which meant an x-ray, which lead to a ct scan, more appointments, then a PET scan.  He has a mass in his lungs and after all the appointments is not cancer, but need a scan every 6 months.  Whew!  But at the same time my father-in-law fell a fractured his back and need back surgery.  We were omg! traveling to SC was not an option.  We didn't stop going to Dr. appointments, because my daughter who has been sick for 2yrs and unable to work found a neurosurgeon who is familiar with her condition.  She has Chiari Malformation.  It is a brain condition that she has to live with and it is very painful.  She had her MRI's 2 days before Christmas and it has been confirmed she needs surgery in a month.

So stress level through the holidays sucked.  I know that 2015 is going to be better, but we have a few rough bumps to get though the next 2 months. 

All I ask that you as blog readers stick with me, encourage me and provide a ray of sunshine.

Now I don't usually ask for help but if you like any of these paintings, please go to my Etsy.  All profits from my shop until 2/20/15 is going towards my daughters surgery.  We are going to have about $6000-$10,000 out of pocket expenses.  I don't want to burden my daughter with this debt while she is finished college.  So please visit my Etsy or any of my print shops.

Happy 2015 - Judy

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