Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Painting

Today I took some time to spend with my family and we went to the movies.  I felt we needed a good laugh, so I chose the Wedding Ringer.  A very funny movie and it was nice that the theatre was some what bare.  I would guess maybe 30 people, which is good because a few times I was a little loud.

Even with time away from the studio I managed to get a mini painted and have a few more prepped for future painting.  Today's painting was a little different than what I have been doing, still abstract but this time some definite lines that almost reminds you floral or foliage.

This mini has been added to my Etsy shop and it come with an easel to display it.

I love how these look on my desk, mantel and book shelf.  My little addiction.

I hope you will join me on this little addiction and visit my Etsy shop.

Happy Monday and remember today is National Popcorn Day!


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