Friday, January 23, 2015

Let's get real.

Today I want to share facts about me.  Yes, it is my birthday but there are many things about me that might surprise those who are close and some of you may know a few of them.

So here goes...

1.)  Art journals scare me.  Something about putting my art/doodles/thoughts in a book seems so permanent.  I start drawing and I want to tear out the pages!  Maybe I can get rid of that perfectionist one day. 

2.)  Although art journals scare me I seem to keep buying them.  Not sure how many I have laying around the house but I found 5 yesterday!  I have now designated a drawer for all lost journals to go and then I can get real about my collection. 

3.)  Here is an odd tidbit about myself, is I hold two titles, Miss Connecticut and Miss New England.  I won't disclose the years, but I was a competitive bodybuilder for many years.

Which goes to 4.) I was a trainer, and worked with many people helping them get ready for bodybuilding competitions.  Maybe that is why I feel crappy when I see they extra pounds I carry around. Doesn't everyone wish they could loose that last 10lbs? 

5.)  I was a single mother for 11yrs.  I think that was the best time of my life because Jessi was a great kid.  I discovered that I was a strong person who did not need a man in my life to make me complete. 

6.)  While being the single mom, I went back to college and got my degree in criminal justice and a paralegal certificate.  My interest in law might have come from my first husband who was a police officer. 

7.)  I lived most of my life in Alaska (35yrs), with time in CA, CT and now NV. 

8.)  I am addicted to Diet Pepsi.  This is my morning drink, I don't like the smell or taste of coffee.  Maybe one day I will replace my Pepsi for tea. 

9.)  I love pens and markers, Sharpies, Flair, Copics, Prisma, Micron, Tombow, PITT, and my go to Molotow pens.  You name it I probably have some.  In fact I have two 12x12 bins full.

10.)  Today I am fifty...I really don't like people to know my age but now you know and it is out.

So in honor of my dreaded birthday, I like birthdays, but not this number 50, I an going to get real about it.  It is national handwriting day and my 50th, I am pulling out my journal and make art/doodles/journal this whole year.  I want to live this year fearless as I might miss a great opportunity.  I might share some of the pages as that is one of my fears of not being perfect.

Go get real.  No more blank pages.  Embrace your handwriting.  Live fearless.



  1. Thanks for sharing all this with everyone, I can compare with you on so many things, weird really......Happy Birthday, enjoy and sod the number, it means nothing at all....[says the woman coming up to her 60th]..NOW THAT'S BAD....xx

  2. Fab at Fifty! Happy birthday for yesterday :-) I've heard so many people say that their fifties were/are the best times of their live your dreams!!
    I share you love of pens...



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