Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 2 of 12 day of Christmas

Day 2...feels good to share or talk.  Since I have been absent from my blog for about 6 months, you don't know what I have been experimenting with.  I have been trying all sorts of collage techniques, reading books about it and trying to take classes.  Since September, I have really just been reading books due to the car accident, but anyways last night I created some fun ornaments.

The first step was to create a background sheet of collage papers.  I created this WILD page of reds, pinks and oranges.

The paper was adhered but I thought stitching would give another dimension to the collage, plus bonus with there were any loose papers it would catch them too.  Some people think I am nuts when I start sewing paper.  It is ok, it won't break you sewing machine.  It will dull your needles!  I keep a jar of my used needles next to my machine and use them when sewing paper.  The needles are too dull to sew fabric, but great on paper.

Next step was to cut my collage into ornament shapes.  Wow! It has been along time since I used my die cutter and these shape are Nestabilities dies.  Anyways, once they were cut I glue two back to back.

I quickly strung them on to yarn, but these would be great on cards, tags or on the tree.  You might notice I used a paint pen to add a little dots and along the edges.

Super simple project and adds a POP of color to my tree.  This project would be great to do with your children.  I hope you have fun with it and post pictures.


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