Friday, April 8, 2011

CSAYL Paper Piecing

This week over at CSAYL blog we are paper piecing.  This week I thought I would try something new and different and paper piece a poinsettia.  Usually I choose an easier subject, like a girl and piece her dress...BUT nope.  I needed a challenge. 
Well it sure was a challenge this week since I have been sick all week.  I have been riding some weird sickness that has made me dizzy all week which likes to follow up with a upset stomach.  I feel like I'm riding in a boat, I can tell you that motion sickness pills help.

Well we girls over at CSAYL blog would love for you to join into our weekly challenge and this is paper piecing.

Have a happy Friday!


  1. awesome work. we've all had the same sickness in Indiana. it stinks. will have to try the motion sickness pills next time.

  2. Pretty card Judy! I hope you're feeling better. Thanks so much for all your hard work :-)

  3. Judy, your card is just beautiful - it is perfectly balanced with the most gorgeous colours. Just stunning!



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